By contracting/hiring Airrad Heating and Cooling you agree to our terms and conditions as found on this page. Please know that our terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Service Availability: We are available to answer the phone 24 hours a day for any support you may need, 365 days of the year. Due to the unpredictable nature of our industry, we cannot guarantee availability afterhours or during regular hours. All efforts will be made to accommodate our client’s schedule. Service outside of our regular business hour: priority will be placed on emergency situations and customers with service contracts.

Client’s Responsibility: As a client, you must be present during the time of your service. If you cannot be present, please reschedule to a time when you can be. It is the client’s responsibility to make payment during the time the service is delivered.  The homeowner must insure the technician has a clear path way to walk and bring tools to the work area from the drive way. The homeowner must insure the area around the equipment is clear and pets and children are kept away from the service areas for their safety and to allow the technician to work safely and efficiently. Back Up


Heat/Auxiliary Heat: If there is a breakdown leaving a home without heat it is the homeowners/client’s responsibility to have a back-up form of heat and/or an emergency action plan if their primary heat source has been interrupted. Airrad Heating and Cooling does not have control over parts availability and/or shipping times from the manufacturer and therefore cannot guarantee heat will be restored in any amount of time. We will do everything in our control to insure the problem is rectified as soon as possible. We also stock electric heaters available for purchase.


Limit on Liability: Airrad Heating and Cooling WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSSES, DAMAGES, EXPENSES OR CLAIMS OF EVERY NATURE OR TYPE WHATSOEVER, RESULTING FROM the use of Airrad Heating and Cooling’s services. Airrad Heating and Cooling will not be responsible for claims of every nature or type whatsoever from the use of information, complete or incomplete, contained on our website, literature, social media pages, emails, information provided verbally or written from employees.


Cancellations: Cancellation must be made 24 hours prior to the installation. Cancellations without notice or no-shows will be subject to a $250 service fee to cover the wages of the technicians reserved for your installation. Installations that are rescheduled to a later date may be exempt from cancellation fees at the discretion of the company and will be looked at on a case by case basis. You may cancel your tune-up of service the day of, however, no-shows or cancellations with the technician at your door will result in a $50 service fee to cover technician labour. To avoid these fees, if you wish to cancel or cannot make it to your appointment please call to reschedule. Thank you.


Special order items: Special order items are non-refundable and must be prepaid.

Restocking fees:  any items returned are subject to a $25 or 15% restocking fee, which ever is greater.

Payments: Payments payment is due upon completion of service. For jobs that take more than 3 business days, please refer to your sales document for your payment agreement.


Accepted methods of payment: Certified cheques, major credit cards (must be present to use chip), debit tap for transactions within the tap limit of the customer, financing upon customer approval . We do not accept e-transfers as the technicians cannot confirm receipt of payment before departing a jobsite. If making a cash payment of $500 or more, payment must be made prior to the installation to the office.


Unpaid and Past Due Accounts: All unpaid invoices are subject to a 2.0%/mo, 18.0%/yr as allowed by law. The customer agrees to pay all costs including attorneys fees if their invoice is placed in the hands of an attorney for collection. I understand late payment, funds not available or fund returned will result in a $50 administration/collection fee. Unpaid accounts will void any and all warranties, will void any and all open permits, no further work will be done for clients with unpaid/past due balances. 

Estimates: Estimates expire after 30 days after the date given. If you’ve received an estimate priced from a promotion or sale, the estimate expires when the promotion or sale ends.


Parts Warranty: All parts and equipment warranties are supplied through the part and equipment manufacturer’s or through a third-party warranty provider. For information, terms and conditions please see your manufacturer or warranty provider. Warranty information is usually located in the manual provided to you when your equipment was installed. Repair part are covered for 45 days. Warranty begins on the last day of installation for projects taking 1-5 days or on the day of start up or commissioning for projects taking more than 5 days.

Labour Warranty: The labour warranty covers labour for repairs of manufacturer’s defects in the equipment under normal use and maintenance, and defects in the craftsmanship of the repair that effect the parts ability to function properly. The length of labour warranty. If you are unsure of you labour warranty, please call the office to request information. Our minimum warranties for labour are 1 year for all commercial installation, unit heaters, water heating installations, air exchangers, thermostats, indoor air quality equipment, pumps of any kind, external components of hydronic equipment and fireplaces and 5 years for furnace and air conditioners.  45 days on repairs. Warranty begins on the last day of installation for projects taking 1-5 days or on the day of start up or commissioning for projects taking more than 5 days.

What is not cover covered under warranty: Damage or failure of the unit to start due to interruption in electrical/gas service or inadequate electrical/gas service. · Any damage caused by frozen or broken water pipes in the event of equipment failure. · Changes in the appearance of the unit that do not affect its performance. · Replacement of fuses and replacement or resetting of circuit breakers, filter replacements · Damage or repairs required because of improper use or application. · Damage because of floods, fires, winds, lightning, accidents, corrosive atmosphere, or other conditions beyond Airrad Heating and Cooling’s control. · Damage or the need for repairs arising from the use of components or accessories not compatible with equipment. · Normal maintenance as described in the installation and operating manual, such as cleaning of the coils, filter cleaning and/or replacement, and lubrication. · Parts or accessories not supplied or designated by the manufacturer. · Damage or the need for repairs resulting from any improper use, maintenance, operation, or servicing. Accidental or deliberate damage of any kind. Parts or units not supplied by Airrad Heating and Cooling.


Warranty Void if any of the manufacturer terms have been violated, if the homeowner or building owner is not the original purchaser, if annual maintenance has not been performed, if dirt or damage results from heavy or over use, if maintenance or repairs by a third party of the homeowner led to additional problems, if the client or original purchases is not in good financial standing with Airrad Heating and Cooling ie. Unpaid or past due account.


Warranty Claims: Any and all warranty claims will be placed through Airrad Heating and Cooling’s Claims Approval Process. The process includes verification the equipment has had maintenance annually by our certified technicians and has a service plan in good standing, technician verification that the problem is due to a problem is a defect in the manufacturing process, manufacturer approval to insure the issue does not violate any of their warranty terms and manager approval. The approval process can take a little as 15 minutes or as long as several weeks depending on the severity, situation and availability of warranty parts. Work done while the claim is processing must be paid for in advance and will be refunded if the claim has been approved. Claims that are approved while the technician is at your home/on site will not require pre-payment. A warranty claim processing fee applies for all warranty claims. Manufacturer shipping and process fees may apply. Airrad Heating and Cooling will not reimburse for work performed by another contractor or the client.

Service Plan Discounts: Service plan discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Scratch and dent or clearance discounts also cannot be combined with service plans discounts. Discounts on repairs. No discount on other service fees.


Warranty and Service Plans: extended warranties on repairs will be canceled and voided if the service plan is canceled, on the day it is canceled. Labour warranty on equipment installed by Airrad will be voided if the service plan is canceled. If you cancel your service plan and in turn your warranty has been suspended, your warranty will not be voided until your equipment has gone 12 months and 30 days without a service and inspection from Airrad Heating and Cooling, to continue with your warranty in good standing you must hold a service plan on your equipment through Airrad Heating and Cooling.


Service plan renewal remainders and scheduling: If your service plan is due for a renewal payment and service our office will call you to schedule. We will call you once per week for 4 weeks to try and schedule. If we have received no response, we may discontinue our attempts, it would then be up to you to call in to schedule your service. It is the responsibility of the homeowner/client to keep their service plan in good standing and in turn their warranties and extended warranties.  


Service plan appointment reminders for maintenance that have been paid for: We will call you once per week for 4 weeks try and schedule. If we have received no response, we may discontinue our attempts until a later day. You will not be refunded for a service that has not been completed, but may redeem it at a later date. It will be the responsibility of the homeowner to schedule the appointment and keep the service plan in good standing as not to affect any warranties.

If you have questions, please call 519-962-9898.