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If your Central AC stops working properly during the hot summer we get here in Essex ON, who do you call for Central AC repair in? Airrad Heating and Cooling has what it takes to get your system fixed as soon as possible, and we can help you out! Give us a call and we will listen to your report, matching the best technician to your case.


As soon as they can, they will be on their way to your location to get your system fixed! We equip all of our team members with the best tools available to troubleshoot and solve problems, so once our technician arrives, your system is as good as fixed!

Call Airrad Heating and Cooling for worry free Central AC repair in Essex On. We know how hard it can be to get by without a working Central AC, and we will work hard to make sure that your comfort is restored as quickly as possible. So call us at 519-962-9898 to tell us what’s wrong.

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How can we help you with your Central AC needs?                     Essex, ON

Our AC services in Windsor Ontario include: 

  • AC Service

  • AC Repair

  • AC Inspection

  • Central Heat Pumps
  • AC Installation

  • AC Replacement

  • AC Tune Up
  • AC Maintenance
  • Emergency AC Repair

  • Ductless Heat Pump Installations

  • Ductless AC Installations

  • Mini Split Installation


  • AC Service

  • AC Repair

  • AC Inspection

  • AC Estimates
  • AC Installation

  • AC Replacement

  • AC Tune Up
  • AC Maintenance
  • Emergency AC Repair

  • AC Prices

  • AC Pricing

  • AC Freon Repairs